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Constant Tension Brushes

True Constant Tension Brushes

It’s Time to Step Up Your Game with True Constant Tension Brushes

Experience longer run times, less downtime, reduced arc flash! Enjoy increased performance productivity and profit!

Individual Motor Shimming   DC Car Shredder Motor

The Quad Plus True Constant Tension brush arm package with constant force spring assemblies delivers. It’s been tried, tested and perfected for over two years.

Packaged for Performance

Quad Plus brush holders are made with the finest quality brass, solid extruded, with constant force spring assemblies. The Quad Plus brush arm package is designed specifically for your application and engineered with exclusive features that reduce maintenance costs, improve performance and extend brush and commutator life.

Built to eliminate “Tension” headaches

Heavy-duty integrated spring design with roller bearing provides more constant tension control throughout the life of the brush. That means you can install your brush and seat your brush. Less risk of commutator damage. Less chance springs will pop out or bind in the brush box. No older spring mechanism to bind up over time. Basic maintenance schedule and daily pre-run motor inspections still apply.

Designed to address key production challenges

Our Feature

  • built-in brush wear indicator
  • more consistent tension control
  • Teflon bushing on insulating stud
  • built/designed in U.S.
  • 3-section brush (grade H50 material)
  • fewer brushes (48 vs. 60)
  • self-cleaning brush
  • snap together terminals and mounts
  • individually replaceable/adjustable boxes

Your Benefit

  • monitor wear without stopping production
  • decreased risk of commutator damage
  • eliminates dirt build up, reduces pin firing occurrence
  • faster delivery time
  • more contact points means better current flow
  • no loss in current handling capacity
  • substantially increases brush life
  • no screws to remove or replace
  • in case of an arc flash, one bad box can be replaced
Motor Tension Brush Replacement

Prior to installation of the Quad Plus brush arm package, we require that commutator run-out be checked and adjusted to ensure true surface.