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How can DC Shredder Drives be better and less expensive?

Quad Plus gets a great deal on the DC motors, by buying the main generators from train locomotives. We use most of the savings on modern electrical controls, which allows us to control flicker, etc. And we still have a lower price.

Does Quad Plus keep spare DC motors?

Yes, we strive to always have spares available.

What are the disadvantages of DC Shredder drives?

Quad Plus has standardized on a particular motor frame. It can be rated at 1500, 2000 & 2500 HP at 650 RPM. You can put two motors together on a skid to make 3000, 4000 & 5000 HP systems. So to get above 5000 HP you need to use a mechanical configuration that allows for multiple motors like belts and sheaves.

What is the current status of the SPR Drive?

The first SPR drive is currently being installed on a 6000 HP car shredder to help address power quality issues. We should have good data back soon.

Does Quad Plus sell AC motors?

Yes, Quad Plus is the exclusive representative for TECO Westinghouse AC Wound Rotor motors for the Recycling Industry in North America. We sell these as part of new systems and also offer drop in replacements for other manufacturer’s motors.

Does Quad Plus sell Liquid Rheostats?

Yes, We provide Liquid Rheostats as part of a complete, standard AC Wound Rotor Motor solution. Quad Plus also provides support and service for these AC systems.

Can Quad Plus help me get approval from the power company?

Yes, Quad Plus can act as your representative with the power company. We can determine the situation with your local grid and provide you with options. We can model your AC or DC system on the local grid and produce a power study that will demonstrate that your operations will not have an impact on other people. We can help negotiate your power rates.

Can Quad Plus help with High Voltage design?

Yes, we have PEs who can do everything from coordinate with your power company to design a complete substation.

Can a DC Drive (or SPR Drive) lower my power bill?

Yes, we have software that can lower the demand portion of your power bill. If demand is a high percentage of your power bill, the savings can be dramatic.

Can I get an ‘energy savings’ rebate from the power company by using a DC Drive (or SPR Drive)?

Yes, recently two customers have received $30,000 and $50,000 rebates for using DC Drives.