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Car Shredder Services

True Constant Tension Brushes

It’s Time to Step Up Your Game with True Constant Tension Brushes Experience longer run times, less downtime, reduced arc flash! Enjoy increased performance productivity and profit!  The Quad Plus True Constant Tension brush arm package with constant force spring assemblies delivers. It’s been tried, tested and perfected for over […]

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Demand Charge Limiter

Print PDF of the Demand Charge Limiter Take Control of Your Power Bill with Demand Charge Limiter Save your operation thousands of dollars a year on power bills! At the same time, this Quad Plus signature software allows you to define demand charge parameters based on production needs. The bottom line: more efficient energy use and a […]

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Quad Plus Clean Power Drive

Flicker Mitigation at European Metal Recycling: Birmingham, England Synopsis The European Metal Recycling (EMR) shredding facility in Birmingham, England had been struggling for years with an excessive flicker problem. They had explored many options but none could provide a satisfactory solution. Today the facility is operating more effectively and efficiently than ever. Flicker is no […]

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AC Drives

AC Shredder Drives Quad Plus supplies a complete AC solution for your automobile shredder. TECO-Westinghouse AC Wound Rotor motors Liquid Rheostats Motor Starters Static VAR Compensators Substation Transformers Switchgear     We also have knowledgeable engineers to design your system to meet your needs and power company requirements. Others supply a standard package of equipment […]

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Power Company Approval

Considering a car shredder? Quad Plus can help you get approval from the power company. We can perform a power study which will model the shredder on the local power grid and show the effect it will have on the electrical system. For most sites flicker will be the most serious issue, but we can […]

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High Voltage Design

Let Quad Plus design the high voltage circuit for your site Power company interface High Voltage Equipment Specification Cable & equipment layout Meet NEC and local codes PE stamped drawings (where required) Quad Plus understands the electrical requirements of the main motor for your car shredder and your downstream and auxiliary equipment. In many cases […]

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Field Service and Remote Support

Download an in-depth PDF of the Quad Plus Periodic Motor Maintenance Contract  Download Field Service Request Form PDF 24-Hour Field Service Hotline   (877) 870-7823   As a factory-authorized repair center, QUAD PLUS can expedite the repair of drives and circuit boards to get you back running ASAP. Quad Plus has the largest field service […]

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QUAD PLUS is your single source for spare parts. Recommended Spare Parts Largest Spare Parts Inventory in the Industry Complete Spare Motor in Stock (size limited) Factory-Authorized Repair Facility As a factory-authorized repair center, QUAD PLUS can expedite the repair of drives and circuit boards to get you back running ASAP. Quad Plus has the […]

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Teco Motors

    TECO-Westinghouse Motors Quad Plus is the exclusive supplier of TECO-Westinghouse AC Wound Rotor motors for the recycling industry for North America. TECO-Westinghouse supplies motors with the quality, reputation and support you can depend on. Motors can be supplied up to 10,000 HP and larger. For new systems, TECO-Westinghouse supplies motors that have the […]