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DC Drives for Car Shredders

DC Drives for Car Shredders - Put Shredders where You Want

Power companies allow DC without expensive line upgrades or power conditioning equipment

DC Motor Drive

Replace Gas and Diesel Engines with Heavy-Duty Motors

  • State-of-the-Art Controls
  • Run at any speed
  • Jog forward / reverse to clear jams
  • Electric brake to stop

Electrical Cabinet

Better Productivity

  • Faster response to load
  • Lower Initial Cost, 500-6,000 HP
  • 100% torque to zero RPM
  • Lower demand charges
  • Limit Flicker
  • Better power factor

Fast Payback

  • Lower energy cost
  • Lower maintenance
  • Dramatic productivity increases 

Fast Changeover

  • Keep belts and sheaves
  • Motors sit on engine base
,DC motor